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Item RSDOLL RG LINE  body+RUTY Head (Skin : NOMAL),  Acrylic eyes(random), Wig (random)   

Eye Size : 16mm

Head Size : 9 inch


# The new RSDOLL line is completely compatible with Volks SD17 body(clothes, shoes, and wigs are compatible).


 Rsdoll’s body is basically a BJD form, and all joints are connected with tension strings.


The spine bone system is only an option.(option is free!!~~~) 


If you don’t choose the spine bone system, we send you a doll strung with tension strings.







#The clothes in the photo are the ones(SD17 size) being sold.

* The color in the image could look slightly different from  the actual product.

* The make up, outfits are not including.



* It can be shipped within 40 business days


* It can be shipped within  50~60 business days with makeup.



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